Gentle Yoga: 
Enjoy this meditative, gentle-paced class that focuses on breathing while strengthening muscles, building bone density and increasing flexibility.

Healthy Backs: 
Over 26 million Americans suffer from back pain.  We offer a healing slow flow which emphasizes strengthening the muscles that support the back, to restore mobility and reduce chronic pain.

Slow Flow: 
When we link yoga poses with our breath, we tap into our super-powers.  Our slow flow marries asana (posture) to mindful breathing in a slow but deliberate way.  This practice not only stretches and strengthens the body but quiets the mind.    

Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice that is designed to teach the fundamentals: breath, movement and postural form in a set sequence.  This classical form of yoga, helps build strength, flexibility, endurance, and stillness of the mind. If you are new to yoga, ashtanga is an excellent place to start.  If you are a seasoned-practitioner, this class will challenge you to further develop your personal practice.

It's difficult not to overemphasize how very good long-held, deeply relaxing yin stretches are for the body. Our focus in this class is on restoration to both your central nervous system and to your connective tissues.  We promise as you work out the kinks in your body, you'll find peace of mind as well.   

This is a dynamic, rigorous practice linking poses together in a heated room: think power yoga.  This is where we move and groove, where we create challenging flows set to music, to inspire you, to help you build strength and flexibility, to get you to that place where you feel like you can take on the world.  Kids Yoga: 

Kids Yoga: 
It’s hard to be a kid today.  More than ever, children are busy, pressured, distracted by media and competitive in and out of sports.  We believe our Kids Yoga class is an extraordinary tool that can teach our children early how to connect with themselves and recruit calm when needed.  Our classes are fun.  They are designed for kids ages five to ten: no experience necessary!  We play yoga games, try challenging poses and listen to great music.  We build strength and flexibility, confidence and focus, and balance and relaxation—all while making new friends.*  

Family Yoga: 
Yoga is different from any other activity you can do with your family.  It is not competitive but supportive, a way to connect and bond and learn to develop strategies that reduce stress for all.  Our Family Yoga class is structured much like our Kids Yoga class.  We practice poses with our partners, sibling teams or parent-child teams.  We experience fun through movement in trying to connect to create a single pose.  It is a special way to try something new and to bond with your child in an active, hands-on and loving way.  All are welcome to Family Yoga: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and nannies.  And again, no yoga experience is necessary! *

* Please visit our Class Schedule page and our Workshop page to find our current Kids & Family Yoga offerings.

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